I have started to move all my blogs to one place….

Hi I haven’t bloged a lot here for a while as I have been too busy shooting weddings and in the studio. I have also decided to consolidate all my bloging to 1 place so its not so spread out


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A77 screen video….

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is this the first A77 advert?


Will I can’t wait to see it hit the shelves, although to be honest the NEX 7 looks more interesting. I hope an A99 (full frame) wont be to far away 🙂

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Alpha 77 ….

It has been a long time coming … lots of people have said to long. But the latest leaked photos of the new A77 look good. According to Sony alpha rumours the photos are real


314bb85Now we just have to wait for something official

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Guess the lighting

As the lightGIANTS blog (studio lighting blog) gets bigger and bigger we have started to attract a sponsor or 2 ….
rather then just give their products away we decided to run a guess the lighting contest. So can you please help spread the word and have a few guess yourself ;)



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Pixel Perfect BISHOP For Sony

Pixel Perfect clams to have a wireless trigger that supports TTL ….. Think I need to get some to test

Product Function

11_25_2010 2_47_23 AM0

1. BISHOP is a professional grouping flash trigger.
2. Wake-up function available.
3. Connect Studio light connect to PC socket, sync speed up to 1/320s.
4. Available to control the slave camera.
5. Transmitter hot shoe supports TTL mode.
6. Ultimate Stand-by Time

Product Specification

Applicable To: Sony
Type: FSK2.4GHz
Operation Range: 1/320s (Depend on camera)
Shutter Function: Support single shoot mode
Channel: 7

available to set 7 difference modes
Receiver : available to set 3 difference modes
Test Button: available
Transmitter: Support TTL mode, focus light function
Receiver: Support save power mode and full power mode
Transmitter Working Hour: 600 hours (over 20k shoot)
Receiver Working Hour: 700 hours

http://www.BISHOP For Sony hk.com/Proshow.aspx?id=136

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