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Raw Power …. 2 (Let it flow)

My 12 step programme This is my basic raw work flow, it may not be perfect or suit everyone but people in the Alpha group of flickr wanted to know. So this is all their fault :). A lot of … Continue reading

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why do I get the urge to put a Zeiss 85mm on that It’s a DORYU 2 16 Pistol Camera designed for police training. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “Going on a photo shoot”

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Stuff your bag full…

I got an E-mail basically asking “but what do I really need in my camera bag?”. OK there is a lot of great stuff out there and it mostly depends on what you want to shoot, your budget and how … Continue reading

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Raw POWER….. Part 1.2 (Raw vs JPG)

Why and what are RAW or JPG? This will sound dumb, but you don’t have to shoot raw to have a raw workflow. All the major raw developing software also work with JPG files. So you can experiment without having … Continue reading

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Raw POWER….. Part 1.1 (Intro)

Raw workflow Intro. In the next few weeks I’ll cover different aspects of the “raw workflow” (along with a few other side topics). I personally don’t adjust my photos a lot, I don’t have the time or patience to spend … Continue reading

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Sony had a 16-65mm 1.4 zoom in 1981

When I read it I had to look 3 or 4 times. Now why can’t they remake it as Alpha AF lenses.

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“Worlds smallest SLR”

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