Delamax 150 cm Fiberglas Umbrella preview


I have a lot of umbrellas and mostly use “shoot through umbrellas” as you can place them very close to your subject. This is fine for one or 2 person shoots but as the group gets larger and you move your light source a bit further away I tend to use “reflector umbrellas”. My biggest problem is when I mix a shoot through and a reflector I never seem to be happy with a colour balance. So I went looking for a practical solution…


My requirement were

Light, Strong, White (not silver) and under €120.00

I found a range of Umbrellas made my Delamax the looked like they fitted my demands and were very reasonably priced
185cm Diameter €69.90
150cm Diameter €49.90
114cm Diameter €21.90



At first I was going to get the 185cm but then settled on the 150cm for a bit more portability

• Weight 1kg
• Umbrella diameter: 150cm
• Centre tube diameter: 8mm
• Outside colour: Black
• Inside colour: White
• Rib Assembly/Stretcher: Fibreglass

In the delivery
1x Delamax Reflex-Umbrella 150cm black/white
1x Carry case

My main intention fort this umbrella is as a large reflector surface for my mobile studio. But of course it can easily be uses in the lightGIANTS studio but due to the fact it is described as light and strong its main job role is as a mobile. I have a few outside shoots booked for later in the spring so I will let you know how it works out.


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