Pixel Perfect BISHOP For Sony

Pixel Perfect clams to have a wireless trigger that supports TTL ….. Think I need to get some to test

Product Function

11_25_2010 2_47_23 AM0

1. BISHOP is a professional grouping flash trigger.
2. Wake-up function available.
3. Connect Studio light connect to PC socket, sync speed up to 1/320s.
4. Available to control the slave camera.
5. Transmitter hot shoe supports TTL mode.
6. Ultimate Stand-by Time

Product Specification

Applicable To: Sony
Type: FSK2.4GHz
Operation Range: 1/320s (Depend on camera)
Shutter Function: Support single shoot mode
Channel: 7

available to set 7 difference modes
Receiver : available to set 3 difference modes
Test Button: available
Transmitter: Support TTL mode, focus light function
Receiver: Support save power mode and full power mode
Transmitter Working Hour: 600 hours (over 20k shoot)
Receiver Working Hour: 700 hours

http://www.BISHOP For Sony hk.com/Proshow.aspx?id=136


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2 Responses to Pixel Perfect BISHOP For Sony

  1. nmg+ says:

    This would be great news. You will have to let me know if this is possible.

  2. Julie says:

    I still need to buy a receiver. Can you recommend one to me that fits on all camera makes?

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