Coming in 2011? (

It would be great if some one could translate this for me

If I understand things correctly here are products that will be released in 2011


A77 and new lens

20110209_img_06_bigNew lens Has Focus and Zoom ring as well as a AF/MF switch


New flash the size of a Sony HVL-F42AM but with a new head


20110209_img_07_big500mm F4 mmmmm want


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3 Responses to Coming in 2011? (

  1. Connie E says:

    I want…I want!! I must win the lottery!!!

  2. Connie E says:

    PS Any idea when we might see the A77? I can’t read it either. Hey, I sent my A350 in for repair…I so hope I get it back before my nieces wedding Apr 9th.

  3. Chee Hian says:

    I did not read through the pages but it just says it is a mid-range translucent mirror camera that will be on sale in 2011. The second part show case accessory, flash, lense and grip that is in developement.

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