There is a drama in the theater


A few weeks ago I got the chance to shoot a musical production…. It has been a while since I shot a concert or stage production so I jumped at the chance to shoot something different. I went along on the Friday night to watch the show and get a few ideas. Saturday I asked istefan™ if he wanted to be the second shooter so we could cover more angles.


Auf den Flügeln der Macht - photo 1

How what and why…

I have shot a lot of events and weddings over the years and thought I would approach this shoot with a similar set up. I packed

*Sony Alpha 900 with vertical grip

*Sony Alpha 700 with vertical grip

*Sony 70-200mm 2.8 SSM G

*Sony 50mm 1.4

*Zeiss 24-70mm 2.8 SSM

*Zeiss 85mm 1.4

*Sigma 14mm 3.5

*Monopod, lots of batteries and CF cards

Obviously no flash was allowed and I didn’t want to use one any way, as that would distract from the available light. My plan was to shoot RAW, A mode, ISO 1600 with centre weighted metering. After about the first 5 minutes I realised the camera meter just couldn’t deal with the complicated lighting situations properly. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Either the backgrounds were to bright, or the highlights were burnt out or the whole image looked under exposed. To solve this I switched to RAW, M mode, ISO 800, 1/125th exposure time, spot metering and adjusted my f/ stop to match the lighting and highlight.






By the end of the night I had about 700 images (shot in 2 and a half hours), and istefan™ had about the same. As I shot a lot of the dance sequences at 5 frames per second there were a lot of very similar images, I edited this down to 200 about images. Once I had my final selection the post production was very quick. I simply have to load my selection into lightroom  and go through doing minor corrections e.g. crop, sharpen, noise reduction and saturation etc.



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3 Responses to There is a drama in the theater

  1. kraetzsche says:

    Very interesting how you’ve solved the light situation.
    Your gear seems to be enviable 😉


  2. nmg+ says:

    I wonder what lenses you had on which camera for your musical shoot?

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