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while I am holding dis 50 million year old mammos toos is one hand


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Good for a laugh…

I saw a youtube video a few years ago, but forgot all about it, until after reading a topic in the Flickr Alpha group about a white lens. The lens was part of an old Minolta set that was a … Continue reading

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what a find…….

Glass negatives bought for just $45 (£34) have been proven to be the work of iconic photographer Ansel Adams and are now worth $200m, it is claimed.

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ISO… How high should I go

What is ISO? I was asked to write a bit about using ISO by a member of the Flickr Alpha group, they said “my camera has only ever been set to AUTO ISO. How and when should I change it? … Continue reading

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A.E.L …

Auto Exposure Lock There are 2 basic functions that you can use the AEL (Auto Exposure Lock) button for depending on what mode your camera is in, and if you have a flash active or not. AEL In the capture … Continue reading

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lightGIANTS shopping list

Last week we (the lightGIANTS) sat down in our favourite pub and bashed heads together until we agreed on a Flash brand and budget. We already knew we wanted Bowens S bayonet because of the vast amount of cheap light … Continue reading

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Garry Fong plays with the Sony wireless system

Pro wedding photographer and creator of the Lightsphere, “Gary Fong”, demonstrates why he thinks the Sony Alpha A-230 is a “surprisingly great camera”

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