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Latest lightGIANTS blog is up …

Last month we had a fantastic last friday of the month shoot in the lightGIANTS studio. If you are intersted in having a look here is a link. And tonight is a workshop for first time studio users “Studio … Continue reading

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Delamax 150 cm Fiberglas Umbrella preview

Intro I have a lot of umbrellas and mostly use “shoot through umbrellas” as you can place them very close to your subject. This is fine for one or 2 person shoots but as the group gets larger and you … Continue reading

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EXR 400 Ring Flash review

Intro I have wanted a ring flash for a long long long long time. My original plan was to save for a while and get the Bowens Ring Flash Pro plus a generator. But when i stumbles across the Godox … Continue reading

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