Phottix Velo camera straps review…


I wanted to get a set of “BlackRapid DR-1 Double Camera Strap for Two Cameras” but kept putting it off as I always found another use for €130.00. Last year at photokina  I saw a copy made by Phottix. I had read a few good reviews about Phottix triggers in the past so was interested in looking at the rest of their product line up. The “Phottix Velo quick strap for two cameras” seemed to be what I was looking for and at only €40.00 was worth a try….


They also make a single version that a few friends bought (cost e25.00)

Quick Overview

The Phottix Velo Quick Strap for two cameras allow photographers to easily carry and use two camera – one one each shoulder. This is a great strap for event photographer or photojournalists that need two cameras with different lenses close at hand.

Test and Opinion

*The Straps are well made, comfortable and easy to adjust.

*The biggest problems are the metal parts.

*The base plate that screws on the camera is very solid. And great for people that don’t shoot with a vertical grip. If you use a vertical grip you will hate the base plate.


* I changed the massive screw for one much smaller and cut half the plate off with an angle grinder. That made it “usable” with a vertical grip but still not very comfortable.

* The biggest problem is simply that they have simply used the cheapest Carabiner that they could find. It is a single point of failure that end up as a disaster.

sun sniper 04 gl&#105What I don’t like about the Carabiner

This very cheep piece of metal is supposed to take the weight of a modern DSLR and lens. The thread on the safety screw is sloppy and comes undone.  This point carries all the weight of your equipment, and Phottix have ruined what could be a great product by using a low quality substandard cheap piece of mass produced clip. I got lucky the first time I was out using the the straps it broke on me and I managed to catch my camera as it plummeted to the ground. At the moment I would not recomend this camera strap, until Phottix spend a few more cents on the safety of your equipment. 


Phottix have taken a good idea from another company and copied it. That isn’t a bad thing for the consumer as we win on the price, but they haven’t thought about how this product will be used or the consequences for the consumer.


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5 Responses to Phottix Velo camera straps review…

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  2. Radek says:

    Thanks for the information … I was about to buy it but it’s worth the time of search

  3. shotbyscott says:

    than ks for the feed back

  4. viwen says:


    Thats the reason I didnt get this phottix straps after viewing the carabiner being so, well, simple and looks like it may break easily.

    there’s another strap that looks 100% like this one but the carabiner design is made better. I got one today and it looks a lot more sturdy then this one (and its cheaper too in Singapore). It”s call “Q-strap” and u can google to find out more.

  5. Kurt says:

    Great news, I have viewed the ‘carabiner, the range we get here in South Africa has been upgraded, it now has a spring loaded clip with two overlapping ‘teeth’. Thanks for the review.

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