pleasantly surprised…

NEX – Hexanon Lens adapter review

Last week I was surfing eBay looking for bargains, interesting lenses and studio accessories. When I stumbled across a “Konica AR Adapter to Sony NEX-5 NEX-3 E mount Adapter”.

B-oOrtQEGkKGrHqJhYEzePSTv6BM9P3JfM3_12A few years ago a person I know saw me using a “Konica Minolta” camera, and said “ohhh we have one of those at work, it never gets used any my boss said I could take it home if I wanted it”. I was excited at the thought of a free camera, let alone a free “Konica Minolta”. Then she added it has some lenses and stuff with it … My face lit like a 10 year old boy in a Lego shop. A few days latter I picked up the “Konica Minolta”, it was a Konica T3 (analogue camera) with 3 Hexanon lenses, OK it wasn’t a “Konica Minolta” but still a great camera and a few lenses.


I shot several films with it in the first few weeks. But as they no longer make the special batteries needed, I was doing everything manually. Eventually the novelty wore off and it got ended up in the ever growing collection of “Camera stuff” in my office (also called “camera crap” and “dust collectors” by my wife ;)).

“Konica AR Adapter to Sony NEX-5 NEX-3 E mount Adapter”

*It was actually the cheapest NEX Lens adapter on eBay (“Buy it now”) in Germany.

*Cost €52.99 including postage and package. Delivery was very fast, I clicked buy it now on Wednesday night, paid via pay pal and it was there on Friday ready for the weekend.

*The packaging was a nondescript small white box with no manufacturers name one it.

*The build quality is surprisingly good with everything fitting very snug.


I have 3 AR mount (Hexanon) lenses that I tested on the NEX 5

*28mm 2.8 Vivitar series 1

*52mm 1.8 Konica Hexanon

*80-200mm 3.5 Konica Hexanon

The 80-200mm look very funny on such a small camera and was a bit uncomfortable to zoom focus and use the camera at the same time. The 2 prime lenses were a dream to use, easy to hold and focus. The 52mm quickly became my favourite. Using the camera in A mode the exposure was perfect every time, even in very low light.

I took the 52mm  and the NEX to a flickr meeting just to see other people reaction. And they seemed to all be of the same opinion. Manual focus lenses on the NEX were fun and easy to use especially with large screen and MF assist function. As long as your not shooting action and need very fast AF its a fun way to bring life back to some of those old lenses.


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  1. Julie says:

    a nice looking camera!

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