Shooting the Vamp…..


I have set myself a few projects for 2011. One is the “last Friday of the month” shoot in the lightGIANTS studio. Another is to do at least 1 theme based shoot per month. The third will be an ongoing project recreating paintings from the old masters in the studio (e.g Rembrandt, Goya, Dürer, Vermeer  etc. ) on an irregular basis.

Meeting the models

A friend and a few of his friends came to the studio last year, wanting to learn a bit about photography and lighting. I set up a basic shoot with a few different lighting set-ups,  and explained the lighting as we went along. Like always when I’m shooting I talk a lot and ask a lot of questions, especially with people I haven’t met before… As it tuns out my models/students for the night are also make-up artist who are involved in a lot of local theatre. Me being the opportunist that I am I jumped at the chance to get my theme bases shooting up and running.

Lisa the blood sucker photo 4

Vampire shoot1 (basic rembrant light)  by ShotbyscottAs they are currently working on a vampire musical I suggested that we meet get together again for a shoot:).

Lighting Concept

I wanted to keep things relativity low key and simple. The colour pallet had to be dark tones and blacks with a splash of blood red. I used a dark charcoal background as it looks black in low light but you still get contrast to any black in the photo. That way I could could use very minimalist lighting and hopefully not need any rim or hair lights.

Lisa the blood sucker photo 5

I chose a Sony Alpha 900 with 4 lenses (Sigma 14mm 3.5, Sony 50m 1.4, Zeiss 85mm 1.4, Zeiss 24-70mm 2.8) and planed to only use the 50mm and 85mm, but I ended up shooting 80% of the shoot with the Zeiss 24-70mm.  I found it gave me a very comfortable working distance. I was close enough to interact and get an intimate feel to the photos with out crowding the models.

Lisa the blood sucker photo 3


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