Testing the LA-EA1 adapter (Alpha SSM and SAM lenses on a NEX)


The LA-EA1 adapter has been out almost as long as the NEX, but as I don’t own one I had to borrow one from “AL/EX”. So first off a big thanks for letting me use it.


LA-EA1 Adapter

The LA-EA1 allows you to use Sony/Minolta AF lenses on a NEX body. But it wasn’t until recently that Auto Focus was supported. Last last year Sony bought out a new Firmware for both the NEX (firmware version 3) body and the LA-EA1 (firmware version 2). Once you have upgrades both firmware versions the camera will support auto focus for  SSM and SAM lenses. Lenses with the screw mount AF system still have to be focuses manually.

The LA-EA1 also supports “manual” and “auto” aperture control through the camera body, with out the need for a firmware upgrade.


h158LAEA1-FUpgrading the firmware may sound daunting to some but the steeps are very easy and clearly described on the Sony website.The only SSM lens I have is a Zeiss 24-70mm2.8. You can imagin how it looks that such a large lens and adapter on such a tiny camera:).


I found that the NEX had to hunt (focus back and forth) a bit before it had focus lock. It also drained the camera battery very quick. But when it had found its focus it was very very sharp as you would expect. As this is the first firmware version and first generation of NEX cameras I hope Sony will keep working on this feature so the slight hunting problem is improved. 


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9 Responses to Testing the LA-EA1 adapter (Alpha SSM and SAM lenses on a NEX)

  1. Julie says:

    lots of adaptions for a little camera. Looks good!

  2. Jim Ruggiero says:

    I did the Ver.3 firmware successfully today. But the LA-EA1V2_Update1010a.dmg firmware for the Alpha-to-E-mount adapter won’t load into the camera. Following Sony’s instructions, I double-clicked on it, but Windows 7 doesn’t know what to do with it.

    I tried loading the file onto the SD card in the camera, but that doesn’t help.

    So now I am limited to manually focusing my Alpha and Sigma lenses. Fortunately, the Manual Focus assist works fine. But no autofocus.

    Some help would be appreciated.

  3. Nicolai says:

    LA-EA1V2_Update1010a.dmg is for Mac. You need to download the firmware upgrade for Windows. It’s probably an .exe or .zip file.

  4. Søren Nielsen says:

    hi i have a NEX5N and it is not posible to load this firmware to the LA-EA1 via the Nex is there anybody who knows how to upgrade the NEX5N and LA-EA1 ??
    In Advance thanks

  5. Sia says:

    I have a Minolta 75-300 AF lens.(1.5m/4.9ft).
    Would this lens works with my NEX 5N if I purchase LA EA1 adapter ?

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