Sweep Panorama

Wow it 2011 already and I haven’t posted for a long long time 😦

Christmas Present

My wife has “mentioned” a few times that she hates it when she wants to “use a camera” that she can’t, because everything is always in raw, manual mode and to heavy etc. So I spent some time tossing up between the A55, A580 and the nex 5 as a Christmas present. Eventually I settled on the NEX 5 because of its size. Needless to say I have 1 very happy wife she has a very portable easy to use camera.Unfortunately she like it to much and I almost never get a chance to use it :).

Sweep Panorama

But when I finally did get a chance the first thing I use was the Panorama mode. The idea is fantastic, the camera takes a series of photos that it stitches together in panorama format. I have taken a lot of panoramas in the past either with a Horizon 202 film camera or digital and stitched them together with software like auto-stitch.

-11 deg c At first it took several attempts to get used to it. I was either to fast or to slow but after 4 or 5 “practice” shots I started to get the swing of it.

Last week we took off to Amsterdam for a few days what i got to play with the NEX again and really test the sweep panorama mode a lot more. Although I enjoyed it a lot it did get frustrating when you had a moving object in the area you were shooting e.g some one on a bike(but more about that next time).


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2 Responses to Sweep Panorama

  1. Julie says:

    I’m just wondering who used the NEX the most in Amsterdam, you or your wife 😉

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