lightGIANTS Friday night shoot.

Last Friday was the second “last Friday of the month” shoot in the lightGIANTS studio. I have limited the number of participants from the first shoot due to space and time restrictions. All in all I hope the other shooter and modles had a great time.

High Key

The idea was to spend the night shooting High key images. There are a technical ways of describing High key and Low key, ratios etc. I`ll go in to that all at a latter date. First I just want to talk about the basic differences, easy set-ups and what you will need. Once you understand the basics the best way is to try it out yourself. A while back I wrote about hard and soft light, big light and small light. These are the basics of what you will need, as well as a few “light formers” and some exposure knowledge. Using hard and soft light from different angles will cast different shadows.
lightGIANTS "Friday night shoot" High-Key workshop...


Its all about the angles

If you draw a line through your camera to the subject you will have your “shooting line”. The line from your light source to your subject will give you your “lighting line”.Where these 2 lines meet you will get an angle, this angle is what I will generally be referring to when I talk about lighting angles. In a latter blog ill talk about broad and shallow lighting but more about that another time.

If you use a very large soft light source (e.g. a large soft box) close to the same axis that your shooting from you have the start of a high key shot. i.e shallow or next to no shadow.

If shoot with a hard light source (e.g. a parabolic reflector with a honeycomb grid) from a step angle it will cast a deep hard shadow and is the basics of low key.

Of course there is a bit more to it e.g background and other lighting sources.

lightGIANTS friday night .... Hair

catseyesThe lighting style in the second photo is a high key style of lighting, but I think the dark background and jacket add a nice contrast to the image. But that’s all for another blog …


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  1. shotbyscott says:

    M-Arx video from the night

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