Catcing up …. Photokina

I was so busy shooting and working and family etc over the last few months that I total forgot about my Photokina stuff. So here is a quick catch up post.

Sony Stand

Sony had a great stand with lots of toys to play with. In the middle of the stand there was a half pipe, and on either side were a a lot of Sony Alpha cameras with different lens/camera combinations (wide angle and standard lenses) that you could use to shoot the tricksters in the half pipe. Further back was a grand stand again full of different Camera/lens combinations (Telly’s and zooms). At each end of the of the half pipe were stands that had almost every Sony alpha lens currently available, where you could use your own camera to test any lens you wanted…..

fotokina-200Me with 3 friends from the Flickr Sony Alpha Group

There were also a lot of 3d TV and video stuff there that I didn’t really look at, they had built an African scene and had 3 Massi warriors dancing and singing so you could test the video stuff under different lighting conditions. The Nex stuff did catch my eye…. for a while until I saw the stage. On the stage pro Sony shooter Jacek Bonecki gave a few different speeches about topics like the NEX, the A55 and A33 as well has his experience shooting the Dakar rally with an A900. He also had a short lighting workshop (see photo below). I also ran into Bob NL from V-Studios there. It was cool to finally meet a few of the people I only know from online.

Photokina 2010

The best for last…

Unfortunately they were all behind glass, and had no real info about the stats. But the prototypes and mock ups of future stuff looked cool






Probably an A77 (or A750) with grip. A new small flash with a twist head like the Sony HVL-F58AM, but its about the size of a HVL-F42AM. The big silver telly was nothing new, but to see it as a working prototype means its hopfully near its release date.


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