Triggers Part 1 … Yongnuo CTR-301P

The CTR301P

The CRT301P is “cheap” radio trigger may by Yongnuo. The receivers have 2 basic modes

• Radio mode – triggering the remote flash unit by the CTR301P transmitter.

• Optical mode – triggering the slave flash unit by detecting the light of the master flash unit.



1. Ultra long working distance : This wireless sync flash transmitter and receiver can be operated up to “30m / 100 feet” using radio mode in an open area. In optical mode the range is up to “10m / 30 feet.” I know they work up to 5m but haven’t had the space or need to test them any furtherer

2. Choice of wireless modes : Radio signal or optical signal mode

3. LED indicator : LED on both the transmitter and receiver, the red LED light will blink at every trigger of the transmitter and receiver. 4.

4 wireless radio channels : 4 channels to optimise the connection and prevent interference.

5. Easy and convenient : Easy to get flash synchronisation without limits caused by connectors and cords.

6. One transmitter supports multiple receivers : The transmitter can control multiple receivers for triggering several system flashes or studio flash units at the same time. Multiple receivers can be used under optical mode also.

7. 1/4″ Tripod socket mount: The receiver includes a standard 1/4″ tripod socket available at the bottom of each receiver for fixing onto tripod or light stand.

Personal experiences

I ordered 3 sets of Yongnuo CTR-301P Flash Triggers , because at the time there were no sets with 3 receivers. The sets I ordered have the Sony hot shoe on the transmitter and an ISO hot shoe on the receiver.  Only 1 of the triggers works “properly”.

•1 will sync at 1/125th but not faster on any of my cameras.

• 1 will not sync during the exposure at all (even a 30 sec exposure) it always fires after the exposure is finished.

• The last one  is brilliant it fire speeds up to  1/250th on my a900 and a700 no problem

There were very cheap and I only bought 3 sets because I wanted 3 receivers. But after testing them all I’m glad I got so many. I did contact the e-bay seller that sold them to me and they replayed fast but after 3 or 4 emails i gave up on trying to get the 2 defective transmitters exchanged.

As the receivers don’t have a a Sony hot shoe you will need an adaptor if you want to use Sony/Minolta flashes. I’m using them with old Nikon SB 28, 26, 24’s and my studio flashes. After a long period of use I haven’t had any major problems with miss fires. My Yongnuo CTR-301P are set to channel 3, as I also have a set of Cactus v3 set to channel 1.


They are very basic, and if you get a good set they are great. But IMHO the quality control is pathetic at best. And getting your set exchanged (from china) my cause headaches. If you only want a set to play around with and experiment with lighting thy will do the job. If need reliable triggers either order than 1 set or look a more reliable brand. Photokina is just around the corner and I will be going to look at the Pixel Pawn Soldier TF-373 for Sony. They may well be my next set of triggers.


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4 Responses to Triggers Part 1 … Yongnuo CTR-301P

  1. SR says:

    do you have any experience on getting past 1/250 with other wireless triggers? It drives me a little nuts that I haven’t been able to use shutter speeds above 1/250 on none-sony flashes / studio kits..

  2. shotbyscott says:

    Hi SR well I have had sync speed of 1/2000th of a second but not with a trigger on a DSLR (with a Sigma DP1 ), I have also had 1/4000th this HSS using an on camera flash . The problem is simply the max sync speed of the camera, with all the mechanical parts that have to move before the flash can fire.

    The DP1 had no moving parts so it can sync very very fast, and HSS you flash fires several times staring before the normal flash sync time and during the sync time.

    In the studio I don’t see speed faster then 1/250th as generally necessary. As the snyc speed is basically only responsible for ambient light, that I can control in a studio environment. Therefore 1/125th is normally more than enough to “freeze time” in a normal studio lighting situation.

    • Fernando Botelho says:

      Sorry to bother you but can you please tell me if this combination of trigger / receiver works on Sigma cameras? You were able to trigger them at 1/2000th of a second? I am looking for something to trigger my flashes using my Sigma DP2 and the search hasen´t produced any results so far.

      Thanks for your help

      • shotbyscott says:

        you need to play around with a few different triggers to get the right one for your camera but its possible to get very high sync speeds from the DP1 and 2 due to the fact they have not mirror

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