Light set up….

As part of the lightGIANTS project and this blog, I want to try and document a lot of the lighting set-ups we use in the studio. I haven’t decided on a format yet but I guess one will develop as time goes on.

DJ Overflow From Mad Hat MovementsDJ Overflow from Mad Head Movement

The was actually one of the first shots I took that evening and I was only testing my light set up before we started to shoot. But I love the exposure and his expression so much that I kept it.

The light set up

The key light (with a large softbox) is 90 degrees to the camera left and there is a second flash (with a smaller soft box) placed behind it. All the powered light sources are coming from the left hand side. There are 2 reflectors placed exactly opposite the 2 flashes

DJ Overflow studio set up 1

What I don’t like about this photo is the shoulder on the right hand side its to close to the edge of the image it could have been exposed a bit better.



Camera Sony DSLR-A900
Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 85 mm
ISO Speed 200


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4 Responses to Light set up….

  1. Luis Carag says:

    Hi Scott,
    Enjoying your blogs … I have a portable set up it consists of 2 Strobes 36X48 softbox umbrellas and my 42AM . This is the first time i’ve seen a set up with 2 lights on one side. I like the effect. Can this be done with just one softbox on one side?

    • shotbyscott says:

      Yeap I do a lot of shots with just 1 soft box. A lot of people call it 1 strobe pony when shooting this way. I’ll blog a bit about that another time
      thanks for the post

  2. t0m says:

    Hey Scott!
    Ich sehe gerade das du die lighting diagramme mit der kertz-vorlage erstellst.
    Jemand aus unseren eigenen Reihen hat eine copyright freie version erstellt die man auch kommerziell nutzen darf und welche unter GNU läuft…

    Lieber den Tilo supporten, oder? 😉
    Hier der Link:


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