lightGIANTS shopping list

Last week we (the lightGIANTS) sat down in our favourite pub and bashed heads together until we agreed on a Flash brand and budget. We already knew we wanted Bowens S bayonet because of the vast amount of cheap light formers available. After a whole 2 seconds we had excluded generic E-Bay studio flashes made in China (no matter how appealing the price is). We settled on 2 sets of 2x400w Bowens Gemini 400w giving us 1600w of light to start with.


Technical Data

Max Power 400Ws
Guide No. (m/100 ISO) 76
Recycle Time to full power (230V) 1.2 Secs
Flash Duration to t=0.5 1/1000 Sec
Flash Power Variation 5 stops
12Ws – 400Ws
Stepless Power Variation Yes
User Replaceable Flash Tube BW2032 UV
BW2030 Clear
Recommended Modeling Lamp 250W Halostar
Model Lamp Variability Full
Colour Temperature 5600K ±300K
Voltage Stabilization to 1%
Lamp Saver Yes
Auto Dump Yes
Flash Inhibit Circuit Yes
Ready Light Indication @100% charge
Audible Recharge Confirmation Yes
Reflector Mount ‘S’-Type
Operating Voltage 190-250V 50Hz
Sync Voltage 5V
Built-in Slave Cell Yes
Switchable Slave Cell Yes
Circuit Protection Yes 5A(F) Fuse
EM Noise Suppression Yes
TravelPak Compatible Yes
Gemini 400 Width 170mm
Gemini 400 Length 310mm
Gemini 400 Height 130mm
Gemini 400 Weight 2.6kg
Product Code: BW4717


Now we need to order some softboxes.


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