ZA24mm, DT35mm, FF85mm

Sony has just announced 3 new prime lenses, the “Zeiss” is no surprise but the other 2 were not expected. And IMHO are a welcome extension to the Sony lens line up.

Carl_Zeiss_24mm_01Carl Zeiss 24 mm f2

Sony_85mm_01Full Frame 85mm 2.8

Sony_35mm_01Crop format 35mm 1.8

It’s an interesting combination of lenses covering 3  different aspects of the market.

•The Zeiss 24mm f2 will be loved by landscape photographers, both Pros and amateur with too much money alike.

•The 85mm Full frame is a wonderful idea for the hobby portrait shooter who can’t  justify the price of a Zeiss 85mm

•The 35mm DT (Crop format) will basically be a 50mm equivalent for the non full format cameras.

Good thinking Sony but we still need even more lenses to chose form.

Distagon T* 24mm F2 SSM
DT 35mm F1.8 SAM (SAL35F18)
85mm F2.8 SAM
Street price • TBC (US)
• £1100 (UK)
• € 1250 (EU)
• TBC (US)
• £ 175 (UK)
• € 200 (EU)
• TBC (US)
• £ 220 (UK)
• € 250 (EU)
Focal length 24mm 35mm 85mm
Maximum aperture F2 F1.8 F2.8
Lens Construction • 9 elements/7 groups
• 2 ED glass elements
• 2 aspherical glass elements
• 6 elements/5 groups • 5 elements/4 groups
Minimum focus 0.19m 0.23m 0.6m
Maximum magnification 0.29x 0.25x 0.2x
AF motor type Super Sonic wave Motor (SSM) Smooth Autofocus Motor (SAM) Smooth Autofocus Motor (SAM)
Filter thread 72mm 55mm 55mm
Supplied accessories • Hood
• Case
• Front & Rear caps
• Hood
• Front & Rear caps
• Hood
• Front & Rear caps
Weight 555g 170g 175g
78mm diameter x 76mm length
70mm diameter x 52mm length
70mm diameter x 52mm length

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3 Responses to ZA24mm, DT35mm, FF85mm

  1. Luis Carag says:

    I just realized the 85mm was full frame . I am very interested in that one. You’re a 100% correct about it being for those not willing to shell out $1.6K for the CZ .. it’s a wait and see right now on it’s peformance. AF speed should be ok due since it’s a SAM … IQ is to be seen.

    Thanks for this great page Scott

  2. Luis Carag says:

    Hi Scott,

    I read in the amateur photography page that the 85 mm was built “sonnar” style
    6 elements in five groups …. can you confirm that ?


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