Tethered shooting … ‘remote capture’ Part 1

Shooting Tethered
Many DSLR cameras now offer the option of capturing photos (RAW or JPG) whilst the camera is connected to a computer. Some photographers would never need, nor see the benefits of, shooting this way as in their chosen area of speciality the added burden of dragging around a laptop computer as well as all their camera gear is a complication that they can do well without. But for studio, product, architectural, commercial and even some landscape photographers, the ability to preview, and even process, the photos captured almost immediately on a large screen is too good to miss.

The utility software that comes bundled with most mid- to high-end DSLR cameras and medium format camera backs does an admirable job of providing the required software link between camera and computer. At the moment the Sony α700, α850 and α900 are the only Alpha cameras that support this feature. And are supplied with the company’s own Remote Camera Control software and the physical connection is provided via a USB connection. If you no longer have the original Sony CD  you can download the latest version direct from the Sony website, try the link below.
Both Lightroom and Aperture provide the ability to use a ‘Hot’ or ‘Watched’ folder system to automatically import photos into their libraries. If the nominated watched folder is the same as the one that your camera software is using to deposit the remotely captured photos then ‘hey presto!’, you now have a way of capturing and processing in the one action.


• You can review images on a larger, calibrated, higher resolution screen at the time of shooting
• Critical exposures can be checked closely using histograms derived from the full high bit Raw image data rather than a processed Jpeg, as is the case with most back of camera histograms, and
• It is possible to apply some post-capture processing to the images immediately to display the style of the treatment that will be applied to the final photos. This is a great way to show a client how the images will look seconds after they are shot
Sounds great! Well, let’s look at the steps involved in setting up a typical tethered system complete with immediate cataloguing and post capture processing.

• You are constantly connected to your computer via a cable. This will limit your mobility and my cause an unexpected obstical for people to trip on.
parts of this blog has been taken and adjusted directly from the Sony website

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