Rules are made to be broken …

Rule of 1/3

There are 3 basic rules I try to live by

  • Don’t be late for dinner.
  • Don’t get caught.
  • The rule of thirds.

Unfortunately even with my high moral standards I can’t even keep to those 3 basic rules. That said the rule of 3rds is more a guide line that a rule. And Lightroom has a great feature to assist you with your composition and croping. Most people may have used the crop feature in Lightroom, where it brings up a grid based on the rule of thirds. But if you press o (the letter not the number) while the crop screen is active you can change the “overlay” from the rule of thirds to one another guide.

OverlaysThis way you can see other composition possibilities when cropping in light room.You can keep cycling through them until you find your composition guide or get back to the start.  Alternatively you can chose the overlay directly from the pop down menus at the top.


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