Hi I’m working on a few new posts but here is something I just cant get my head around, it happened last year.

Person with new camera :Hi Scott, I just got a new camera can you show me a few things
Shot by Scott:OK Person with new camera what do you want to know
Person with new camera:well what’s the difference between my ISO and my EOS

this is a person who wanted to get into PRO photography eventually 🙂


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Just another photography blog.. I also like all kinds of accessories
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3 Responses to TRUE STORY…..

  1. Anna N says:

    well… everybody can make mistake like this. or not.

    oh, OK. persons who wants to get into pro-photography should know what’s the difference between ISO and, *ekhem*, EOS. if I were Scott, I didn’t know what should I say ^^

  2. Anna N says:

    sh*t! there should be ‘people’. sorry, my mistake, I almost forgot my english…

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