NEX 5 hands on

I got to use AL/EX’s NEX 5 Yesterday. The day before, he told me he had cancelled his pre order for the NEX 5, but we should go out for lunch as he had something to show me. I though he had a purchased a Olympus PEN (or equivalent), but he dropped the bombshell by showing me a shiny new NEX 5. It’s a lot smaller than I expected my big sausage fingers felt cumbersome with it in my hands.What I found strange is that it seems to make a “mirror slap” when you shoot with it.


The panorama mode was one of the first things I wanted to see. My first few attempts went wrong but after a few practices I started to get to grips with it. It’s a very nice function that I want to test a lot more.

HD Video

OK 1080 is 1080 but we wanted to know how the camera handled changing lighting situations when filming.

the NEX handled the changing lighting situation very easily


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