Light and Filters (Part2 … ND Grad)

The ND grad is similar to an ND as the name suggests but fades (graduates) from dark to light across the diameter of the filter.


You know those photos where the sky is always white (blown out) although it didn’t look that way when you looked though the view finder. Using an ND Grad will allow you “even out” your exposure.

GND_demo (by !Shot by Scott!)

This is one area where the Cokin filters truly have a big advantage over a screw on filter. With Cokin (and several other brands) you can position the filter to match your composition, by rotating and adjusting the position of the filter at will. Where as the  screw on filters can only be rotated on the end of the filter, and may not match up 100% to the brighter area of your photo.

ND Grad filters also come in a lot of different colours from different manufacturers a lot of which will fit the Cokin P filter system. If you find yourself taking a lot of landscape photos then investing in such a system does make a lot of scene. But as I was wanting to lighten my camera bag I decided to limit my filters and had to make a sacrifice in this area

cokin_P_grad (by !Shot by Scott!)


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3 Responses to Light and Filters (Part2 … ND Grad)

  1. drobrien says:

    I went the same route when I went to digital from film with one exception.

    I also pared to an ND8 and a Circular Polarizer but when it came to the ND grad I decided that the versatility of the Cokin system was too valuable to let go. I keep a Cokin holder and ND4 in my bag.

  2. shotbyscott says:

    Cokin filters ( and all those along the same line) are great. But as I found my self hoarding an carrying lots of filters around that I wasn’t using I bit the bullet and did something about it 🙂

  3. Maciej says:


    Last year I moved from Cokin P to Hitech filters. These are cheaper than Lee but for me the quality is better as I get no color cast and mostly the match perfectly – as regards the size- the full frame A900 🙂

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