Offshoe flash part 3 (wireless with cables)

OK so I’m starting to get to the point of the last 2 post. How can I trigger my system flash wirelessly without having to use a either a flash on camera or the pop up flash?

Back in the day Minolta had a great wireless trigger that could fire up to 4 groups of flashes via different signals unfortunately the last camera that supported it was the Minolta Dynax 7 (analogue camera) and I hope Sony reinvent it as it was a wonderful piece of hardware.

wireless (by !Shot by Scott!)

As there isn‘t a wireless trigger from Sony (yet, fingers crossed) then we have to find another solutions. The good news is there is more than one way to do this depending on your budget and requirements. The cheapest and easiest way is to use the pop up flash (or  HVL-F20AM and HVL-F58AM) can cover the flash with piece of developed film. This filters the unwanted light from the flash but allows the trigger signal through. This is fine if you have a good line of sight to your flashes, its chap and simple.

Another option is  HVL-F20AM and the HVL-F58AM can be used as triggers (but only with the A700 850 and 900) and they can be used with off-shoe cables. So it’s easy to now trigger your wireless flashes if you use them via an off-shoe cable.  Doing this will actually give you the advantage that you don’t need direct line of sight to your wireless flashes. Not long ago on ebay I saw selling custom 5m long off-shoe cables for the Alpha mount with this cable I can now place my trigger flash up to 5 meters away from my camera and create some fantastic indirect light with full TTL support, unfortunately I didn’t buy the cable but I will try to find it again and post a link.


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