Offshoe Flash Part 1 (Cables)

In the modern rush to call ones self a „Strobist“ people have forgotten about things like TTL and ADI that can make your life a lot easier. The Sony Alpha system carried over the very cool wireless system from the good old Minolta’s (more about that latter) which a lot of Alpha shooter know about and use. But I want to start off the offshoe cable system that seems to have fallen by the side and how to connect up to 3 system flashes with full TTL/ADI function or Manual settings.

First up you will need a FA-CC1AM (also available as a Minolta OC1100)


you can connect the FA-CC1AM cable to one of 3 things

• the port in the side of your flash (Minolta 5600 HSD, Sony HVL-F56AM and HVL-F58AM all have this port already)

• a Sony FA-TC1AM (also available as a Minolta TC 1000)

• a Sony FA-CS1AM (also available as a Minolta OC 1100). With the FA-CS1AM you can attach any system flash that has the Sony/Minolta hotshoe but I only recommend those that have ADI (D) functions



Other than the flashes the only things you will need now are as many Sony FA-EC1AM (also available as a Minolta Cable ex) as you can get. The cables go between the Triple connector (FA-TC1AM) and the flash or AF-CS1AM and can be added to one another as extensions.


But why?

Once you have all the bits and pieces you can now connect any 3 ADI flashes to your Alpha with  full TTL function and no need for a popup flash to fire them. For example you might want to use a Minolta Macro Ring Flash 1200 with 2 small 3600HSD flashes as fill or use a Sony HVL-F58AM as a key light and a sunpak pz40 as a fill flash. Basically it allows you to combine any 3 flashes and is very practical if one of these flashes doesn’t support the Sony wireless system.


First off the cable set up isn’t cheap but can be found for ok prices on E-Bay second hand. Secondly its time consuming to set up and Gets very expensive if you want to have a grater distance between the flashes (but I’ll cover a solution for that latter)


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