Act 1 Scene 2 … Why Alpha

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “but why don’t you use a CANIKON like every one else”. And in their question lies the answer, I’m not like everyone else never wanted to be and never will….


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4 Responses to Act 1 Scene 2 … Why Alpha

  1. Keith G says:

    I get asked every time I bring my A200 out and about “Is that a Nikon/Canon?” Really irritating. Like as if there’s only those 2 in the market. Sometimes I’ll reply with something equally as silly as their question – “No, it’s a specialist model, from Sony, for the more serious ‘tog” 🙂 – I mean, if they only imagine Canikon make cameras, then there’s a chance they’ll swallow that too!

    • shotbyscott says:

      I stopped worrying about those people a long time ago. For me the real problem is when people in the camera shop have the same attitude/ignorance as it limits peoples choice and scope…..

  2. I myself get asked why what camera is that when out on rallys as it seems im the only one that uses alpha 200 amongst all the other photographers that use nikon/canon.
    comments like what made you buy that etc.
    Makes me laugh as i do sell quite a lot of my pics from the rallys im very happy with my sony and will upgrade when i have enough cash to another sony.

  3. jvs says:

    When I’m out taking photos at the clubs or just at my local camera store testing out the Sony gear I get asked that question so many times. I then explain my list of reasons but a lot of them say Canon and Nikon is better than Sony blah blah… I actually got turned down from a couple of jobs because I don’t use Canikon and its irritating that theres so much discrimination towards Sony. Well now I just try to let my photos do the talking and prove that Sony is just as good as Canikon and whoever thinks there are just two camera brands are just ignorant and closed minded.

    Okay thanks for letting my vent here a little lol.


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